Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trip to Hakone

Hi there, you can call me Rose. I am new with this blog thing so most likely the first couple won’t be all that good but please bear with me. Or just don't read either way your choice. Lets see some things about myself would be: I like animals most every kind. I currently have no pets living with me. I like blue I guess you could say it is my favorite color. I like playing video games and I don't think I am too bad at it. Of course I have my bad moments at times when it comes to playing and there is always someone better then me somewhere out there. I enjoy reading but I don't like getting interrupted while reading if I am into my book and I will refuse to stop reading unless I am at the end of a paragraph or chapter (its easier that way to find my place next time I go to read). I am currently in Japan.

Lets see on May 8, 2010 Saturday, my family and I went on a Tour. We went to Hakone Shrine which was pretty peaceful with all the trees. It is surrounded by mountains and there is active volcano activity there so the ground was warmer then the air and you could watch it come from the ground and watch the clouds go through the trees like a gentle stream passing through rocks.

Then we went on Hakone Ropeway from Sounzan to Owakudani. "The valley was formed by a vaporous eruption of Mount Kamiyama, thought to have taken place around 3,000 years ago. Even today, hot fumes spew out from the crater, showing that the volcano remains very much alive."

While we were there we tried Kuro-Tamago Black Eggs. The eggs are boiled in the hot sulfuric waters bubbling up at Owakudani and are said to prolong life.

Each egg you eat is said to put on 7 years to your life. Tastes pretty much like a normal egg a little richer in flavor in the middle and a naturally changed black shell. Not dyed.

We took a boat ride, Lake Ashi Boat Ride, about 20 minutes to Hakonemachi so we could eat lunch.

I ended up eating Fried fresh water smelt. Kind of a mild or bitter fish depending on how long it’s cooked for I think. If you can get over the fact of a dead fish looking at you before you eat it then you should give it a try. I recommend eating it with a dipping to give it some more flavor.

After we ate we went to the Botanical Garden. There are about 1700 kinds of wetland plants and wild flowers from various wetlands in Japan, as well as some unusual foreign plants. We weren't able to see many of the plants in bloom since it was colder longer here this past winter then normal. The due date of them blossoming was set back and some don't bloom till June.

It was still nice and we got to witness special security getting ready for the emperor to come next week. Pretty long day but pretty relaxing too.