Friday, September 17, 2010

Trip Delayed

Hi all, I haven't been keeping you up to date sorry. We ended up not going to the States and probably wont be going anytime soon. So our vacation consisted of going to a terminal for 4-5 days and staying home for a few more days with family playing Diablo II, playing Left 4 Dead on the Xbox 360. Fixing computers and getting ready to continue our normal lives again. (getting ready to get back to work)

On the bright side, while on the other base (where the terminal was held) we got some more neat games and got to eat some Americanized food. The base we are stationed at doesn't have that great of stuff. Eating Pizza Hut tasted like gourmet pizza. The other base seems like heaven with how much stuff they have. We all agreed that the people living there don't know how to go without stuff since they had almost anything you could want.

I also got two new books from the terminal that I thought would be nice to read on the plane or even in spare time at home if I didn't get to it on the plane. Which since we didn't go anywhere I will be reading it at home. The names are; "Warrior" by Marie Brennan, and "Witch" by Marie Brennan which is the sequel to Warrior. I haven't yet gotten to them but have read the following:

"Fire" by Kristin Cashore
Which I enjoyed reading. It was interesting and a little hard to predict in some parts. The one its based off of, is a girl whose name is Fire and who has powers over minds, being that she is part monster. The book has a few really sad parts in it as well and other parts that may make you want to throw the book across the room. Overall, however, it was a good one and I would read it again in the future.

"Graceling" by Kristin Cashore
I think this book was suppose to be read before Fire but I didn't know that Fire had one before or after it. It is of a Girl who has a grace, which is sort of like a special power, it is mistaken for the grace of killing rather than what it really is. She is forced to do the dirty work for the king till a very strange person comes and changes her views on what she must do versus what she can choose to do. I liked the book and would read it again. I would almost say it was better then Fire though I think I would have to read them both again in order to say for sure. Seeing as they were library books, though I don't see that I will be reading them sometime in the near future since I have to finish all these other books I have at the house alone.

I am currently reading "Fallen" by Lauren Kate
So far I like it but I am not very far in it at all. Only in chapter 4 I believe so I will have to tell you if I like it once I get farther or perhaps just after I finish it I can say if I liked it. That way you'll know for sure and come back to find that I didn't like it after all.

I am still working on getting a new computer and I am a little closer. I will need to redo my calculations to see if I will reach my goal in October like some of my other paper work says I will.(I had misplaced my paperwork and just found them yesterday.) I have been working on my bowling too. I seem to average closer to the hundred mark which for me is a good thing. If I was able to play bowling more often I am sure my progress would go higher faster, but everything good comes to those who wait, right?