Thursday, July 22, 2010

Books, games, an update to keep up.

Well I finished the book "Witch & Wizard" and started on and finished "Beautiful Creatures" by: Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Witch & Wizard was a nice book though it leaves you hanging more than I like. I like Beautiful Creatures it was nice long at 563 pages but nice none the less. I was a little disappointed with the ending but it is nothing when reviewing the book as a whole.

I found Sly 2 Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper and the Thieves Racconus on eBay but was outbid so will need to wait for another deal to come up. I have finally received Kameo: Elements of Power just two days ago. I started playing it a little bit yesterday though can't do it often since it is on the Tv downstairs. Its the family Tv so it gets used often. I enjoyed playing what I got to of it. While I am still on the subject about games, I have beat two more games. The Bouncer PS2, it was a pretty fast game to beat if you are only playing one of the people. Only took a day to beat (not the complete 24 hours). I am sure it will take about as long if not longer to beat it with the other characters. I Also beat my bros. game Meet the Robinsons. Yes it was easy for me to play and beat but I was bored with my games so I figured I would give it a try. That one didn't take long for me to finish either.

We are making final preparations for going to the states don't know exact date that we will be leaving coming back etc. since we can get bumped. Well That is all I can think of to type about right now. Just keeping you up to date a little bit considering its been so long since I wrote anything to ya'll. Laters, hope everything is going well with ya'll.
Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hi Rose here, hope everyone has been enjoying my posts and if not I am sorry but you don't have to read them and I am sure you will find a blog that you do like reading. Enjoy!

I finished my class I was working on and passed. I am currently reading a book called "Witch & Wizard" by: James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet from the Library for an event they are holding. I will finish reading the book and by my understanding I will then write a book report, basically, on it of what I thought and if I would recommend the book. My goal is to finish it before this Thursday so when we go to the Library on Thursday I can turn it in and start on another book I want to see if I can read all 10 before I leave back to the states. Oh I haven't mentioned that yet. Well we will be going back to the states to visit family/friends and for a wedding. Then we will come back to Japan.

I got "Dark Cloud" from the second hand store it's a Ps2 game(no I am not shy about buying used stuff, make fun of me all ya want but look around every penny counts) and I have played it here and there and so far I like it. I have only defeated one boss so I am not that far on it.
I am looking on eBay to see if I can find the games "Sly Cooper and the Thieves Raccoonus" and "Sly 2 Band of Thieves". I want them both on Ps2, I already have Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves. I got Sly 3 first as a gift. It is also Ps2 and was nice to play though I wasn't all that thrilled with the ending cause the gang is no more. At least it was a happy ending for them though.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Hope you all enjoy and celebrate. We went to the base for the celebration they had a little sorta like a petting zoo there. Though you couldn't touch all the animals. It was hot and a lot of them were panting and wanting water. There was ponies, (not horses, ponies, I am not saying it just cause I am a girl) sheep, goat, calf, dog, mice, (one got out of its cage. Cute little thing I hope they put him back though, there wasn't much water around outside of his cage unless he wanted to go to the ducks and geese.) rabbits, raccoon, chipmunk, birds, chickens, and I think a few others but you get the idea. I liked a few of the fireworks probably because I hadn't seen them before. We went bowling while we waited for night to fall. I did ok better then I normally do. 116 first game I believe and then 97 on second if I remember correctly. Well type later. Have fun!