Friday, May 21, 2010

Fuji sightseeing, late I know.

Saturday May 15, 2010
My dad decided to play Mario Party with me and he has trouble with a bunch of buttons. (Even though between you and me there aren’t many buttons on the Wii remote, less then a PS2 anyways.) If you have played before then you know about some of the mini games in there that come after every round when playing four players. The ice one, 3 Vs. 1, Where one person has to knock the other three off the roof. We played that one and I was the one trying to knock them off. My dad, thinking there was a force field or something on the game that would push him back on the roof if he jumped toward the side, decided to do just that and fell off. He was saying, "Why didn't you tell me you couldn't do that?!" Which, until then, I had no idea! I mean I just kinda thought it was common sense and didn't bother giving it a try. Just stay on the roof, I would think that jumping off would make you fall but never tested the idea. Now I know! Hee hee. Unfortunately I was laughing so much I couldn't aim and so they (the 2 computer players and Dad) won anyways. My father is Super funny! I ended up having to rush to the bathroom before I peed my pants, I was laughing so hard. I ended up winning the final part of the game I had the most stars and a bunch of coins too.

Sunday May 16, 2010
We went on another tour. My opinion, it wasn't as good as the first one we went on but not all of them can or will be really good. We had to wake up really early since the bus left at 6:30 AM. We finally made it home around 9:00PM. We went to Shiba Sakura Festival (took about 2 hours driving in the bus to get there) where about 700,000 moss phlox plants are at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The smell of the flowers was odd and if any of you have had ferrets before then you will know what I mean when I say it smelled like when you go to clean the ferret’s cage. Didnt make the food that was being served there seem all that appetizing to me and I was hungry since I didn’t get to eat breakfast. These below are ones that were there off to the side of the other foods, not as crowded over in that direction so go pictures of them.

Basically the smell was one that reminded me of urine and poo mixed with a little bit of wet animal.

I love the water and this one is very nice with the reflection of the flowers and the colors.
The yellow flower below is basically a weed and throughout the whole place there is a few here and there. My dad took a picture of it since it is a loner in the mix of all the pink and purple flowers. I liked the way it looks where it is basically all alone next to unknown flowers that aren’t the same as it is. Reminds me of how I used to be, before I started not caring what others thought about me.

Water, Water with a fish in it nice picture if you ask me since the wind was blowing and the water wasn’t really clear. I just love water!

Then we hopped into the bus again and went to eat Lunch. We ate here at picture below.

I had rice didn’t really feel like eating anything else. Have had an upset stomach here and there ever since the last time we went on a tour. Just coincidence, I am sure, but still, that is when it started. Anyways after that we went to Sengen Shrine “which rests beneath the aegis of Mt. Fuji in a wooded area covering 99,000 sq. meters”. You go through a big gate too. (Below)

The shrine is dedicated to the official Shinto goddess of Mt. Fuji, and “has a lengthy history and continues to serve as an important place in the affection for Japan's highest mountain”. This tree was struck by lightening so they repaired it since it is a special symbol in there culture.

There were also animals here but they were in a fenced in area. There was 2 ducks and a rabbit or two in there too but couldn’t get them too well.

Then we went to Oshino Village located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji, the Yamanaka lakeside, is a basin in the altitude 940 meters where it is well known as beautiful water village. The most famous in this village are eight ponds, the term Oshino Hakkai. In 800, huge lake Utsu (yute sue) was cut into Yamanaka Lake and Oshino Lake, present Oshino area, by Mt. Fuji's eruption. Oshino Lake dried up 1,200 years ago, what has been left is eight ponds which water gushes out from.

This wheel was being pushed from the water in one pond going to another pond. Its gears and how they work.

1. Waku-ike - "Waku" means gush. Most beautiful pond in Oshino Hakkai.
2. Nigori-ike - "Nigori-ike" means muddy pond, but this pond is clear. (Weird, no?)
3. Kagami-ike - "Kagami" means Mirror. Mt. Fuji is on the water screen when the day has no wind.
4. Syobu-ike - Named Iris pond.
5. Choshi-ike - This name came from local legend a bride who broke wind at own wedding threw herself with embarrassment into this pond as holding "choshi", cup for Nihonsyu. (Now to all ladies reading this, don’t go getting embarrassed at something that happens like let’s say your wedding that is just one thing that makes your wedding special. People may laugh at you, depending on what happens, for a little bit, but the best thing you can do is laugh with them and continue life. Not the end of the world to get embarrassed and if that were the case then the world would have ended a long time ago.)
6. Sokonuke-ike - "Sokonuke" means no bottom, but this pond is shallow. Used to be used for washing dishes or vegetables. (Another weird one, it’s so deep that I can stand in it without it passing my hips, to think there are more things out there, even in America that have names that don’t really fit. Like Indians would be one example I guess. Columbus, thinking he was in India, called the ones he saw there Indians and the name stuck even though America isn’t India. This isn’t one that is a big problem like muddy pond that is clean or deep pond that is shallow but it still is a case where the name was mistaken.)
7. Okama-ike - Water comes out looks like boiling hard. (I really don’t know what that means but that is the information given to me didn’t see the lake myself to be honest.)
8. Degucji-ike - "Deguchi" means exit. Located at the exit of Oshino Hakkai. (Didn’t get to go to that one either it was too far away for us to walk being under a time limit and all.)
We ended up getting ice cream before we left since we had plenty of time before the bus was due to leave. My mom got Grape and my bro and I got Chocolate. My dad didn’t want any. My mom bought err should I say my dad bought, since my mom gave him the money, dried strawberries yes you read that right dried strawberries and dried raisins. My mom, dad and bro said they were good, I didn’t have any myself or at least not yet. My bro liked the raisins the best. I liked the ice cream hehe. The ice cream here in Japan is WAY WAY WAY better then the ice cream in the states. It’s all creamy and rich and not only the chocolate either, other flavors are just as good. Of course I prefer chocolate though hehe.

Then we went to Fuji Peace Park in which a guy spent his WHOLE fortune on creating it. My dad pointed out that he did it and then Japan turned around and went to war. I kinda feel bad for the guy he did that and its like no one listened and they still went to war. It was nice there. Toward the very top were marble stairs.

There was a different picture on each side. So I put each one up from the order we came across them. When looking up at the temple after you climb some stairs go left and the order you see the pictures are as seen here. As long as you go full circle.

After we finished there, we started the, about 2 hour, bus ride back to the cars (aka where the bus picked us up from). We watched Mr. Beans holiday in the bus, though I rather wanted to read but couldn’t from how loud the show was. It wasn’t deafeningly loud, but loud enough to disturb my concentration. Oh and (some of you may not want to read this part and read at your own risk hehe and if that is the case you can continue safely at next paragraph thank you!) I went to the bathroom on the bus in which I didn’t last time since I didn’t need to go till we were eating supper in which I got up 4 times or so. I was drinking tea which makes me need to pee a lot. I can tell you its kinda weird to pee on a moving bus but it is also kinda cool. The first time can be a shock but by the second time it was kinda cool. Like on a boat ride just enough to get moved around a bit but not where you are getting zipped all over the place. Kinda soothing to just sit there and do your thing with a little bit of a rocking feeling to it like when your mom tries to get you to go to sleep and she rocks you back and forth. Or for you a little bit older people who have forgotten what that may feel like it’s like swinging on a swing lightly or go about mid way and stop swinging just to sit there. If you haven’t been on a swing in a while and don’t know the feeling well then go find a swing and test it out who cares what anyone else thinks and if you really don’t want anyone to know you are going to swing then go to a park that isn’t being used or to a completely different area so the people that may see you probably wont see you again and therefore it wont matter none. Though be careful when you go to get out of the bus bathroom sometimes the door will try to keep you in hehe.

Well we were the guinea pig class that day, so I am sure there will be some upgrades to it where it will be better next time, or at least I hope so.
Some more pictures from our time out there:

Big flower!(Below, real human hand right next to flower.)

Saturday May 22, 2010
Yes I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything and now I am posting this and its super long with three days of posting in it...well not really but still. I apologize I didn’t get on my computer past few days I took a break from it. So instead I played my PS2 and ended up beating my Kya Dark Lineage game. I was trying to save it till I got my other game for the XBOX 360, Kameo, but it was so easy for me to play that even with the messin around and suicides I still beat it really fast, I really wish they would have continued with Kya 2 but no, the funding was cut for some other game. :'( well enough of boo hooing I got to get going I will try to post something soon and I will do the best I can so it wont take as long this time. BYE!


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